This call is for italian and foreign students who obtained or are about to obtain their high school diploma or university degree (BA) within 2024, with an excellent curriculum and whose families are unable to help them financially in their university education. Still considering the priority given to recent high school graduates, the Foundation reserves the unquestionable right to accept students about to begin their second or following university year; in any case, students about to begin their last year of university courses (MA degree) will not be admitted.

Accommodation in the College is free of charge. The costs for the College per each student are €12.500/year.


Call for Scholarships 2024-2025

For the 2024/2025 academic year the Foundation – who reserves the unquestionable right to change the number of the positions and scholarships available – issues the following call for:

  • 10 students to be admitted to the male dorm (5 of which are reserved to the INPS – Social Security call for university colleges) and 6 students to be admitted to the female dorm (3 of which are reserved to the INPS – Social Security call for university colleges) for Italian and foreign students about to enroll to State or non-State universities based in Rome, legally recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (so called “resident” students”);
  • 3 annual scholarships (consisting of training activities and cash contributions and / or reimbursement of expenses for an amount not exceeding € 800,00) for Italian and foreign student, for recent high school graduates, which cannot compete for admission to the College and live the community to its fullest and intend to enroll in a University present in the Italian country (so-called “students with scholarship”).

From the links below, you can download the Call for Scholarships (English versions) for the admission to the University College “Villa Nazareth” and the pre-enrolment form (only for students residing abroad), which must be completed in all its parts and sent to the email address

You must also read the GDPR section (informativa privacy) in the pre-enrolment form and authorize the Foundation to handle the general and particular data for all the procedures related to the admission process.

Admission tests will be on one day:

Saturday, September 7th 2024 from 8.30 a.m.

Test is the same for INPS applicants.

Deadline for pre-enrolment applications is August, 9th 2024.

For further information on the call and the selection procedure, you can see the FAQ section at the following link: Admission FAQ. You can contact the Secretariat by sending an email at the address: or by calling 06.21115660.

INPS – Social Security call for university colleges (Bando INPS – Collegi Universitari Ospitalità residenziale)

We remind you that the Fondazione Comunità Domenico Tardini Onlus has an agreement with INPS – Social Security (former INPDAP, former IPOST and former ENAM) concerning the annual INPS – Social Security call for university colleges, aimed at students coming from families with one of the parents working in public administration. (INPS website)

It is important to remind that no fees (additional students’ contribution indicated in the INPS Call) will be charged by Villa Nazareth College.

Applicants for the INPS call must check the related box in the pre-enrolment form. We remind you that, according to the INPS call, candidates must first pass the College tests (which will be on the same day, September 7th 2024). INPS will check the admission to the College and then publish a final ranking and assign a place in the College.